Every client of ours has a different story, but they are all equally special to us.

We meet our clients during a particular season in their lives, and it's our job to help

them illustrate the important moments in it. Whether it's in times of celebration, joy, or remembrance, we are passionate about using our art skills to create lasting memories from those moments.

Majority of the tattoos you are about to see were specifically designed for each client. Their tattoos represent who they are as individuals and their life experiences. We take the time to hand-draw each client's design so we can connect more with them and their story and capture the beauty and uniqueness that's in it. Once a custom design has been tattooed, it cannot be used again. We do not believe in duplicating or sharing a client's design with anyone else once it has been tattooed. We are grateful for the trust our clients place in us to design something personal and meaningful for them, and we want to keep their trust by protecting their story.

As you scroll through our portfolio, see if you can figure out what each tattoo represents to the person. Some of them may speak to you, as you may be able to relate to their experiences in life.

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