- The Story of an artist -

Kenneth Brown, Jr. was born and raised in Milpitas, California, and is now living in Gilroy.

Kenny learned how to tattoo from watching YouTube videos while practicing on grapefruits and oranges. As a self-taught tattoo artist, Kenny's talents have opened up many doors for him, allowing him to tattoo throughout the Bay Area and in different states also. Kenny specializes in Polynesian tribal, Filipino tribal, mandala, geometric stippling, black & grey, color, anime, fine line, calligraphy, and floral tattoos.

Tattooing for 12 years now, Kenny continues to show through his tattoos how passionate he is about what he does. He enjoys meeting new people every day, sharing his artwork with them, and through that, finding a way to help them in their journey through life.

"I have a natural gift for caring for others and putting them first.

My job title, contrary to popular belief, does not change who I am as a person. As a tattoo artist, I care for my clients and always want the best for them. I love to listen to their stories and empathize with them.

I always go above and beyond for my clients when it comes to their tattoos. I want their tattoos to have meaning, so the more time I spend with them, the more I’m able to help them capture exactly what they’ve gone through in life."