29:11 Tattoo was established on New Year's Day of 2020 by owner, Kenny Brown. Born in Milpitas, California, Kenny started his tattooing career 12 years ago out of his mother's garage. As a self-taught tattooist, he's always dreamt of owning his own tattoo shop some day. Kenny worked in multiple tattoo shops throughout his career while building his vision of how he wanted to run his own business. He wanted customers to feel as if they were family when they entered his shop. He wanted to create a safe place for people considering the industry can be intimidating to some folks. The only thing that was missing was a place he could call his own.

Kenny was rejected by numerous property managers in different cities after presenting his idea to them. Still, he didn't lose hope. With no other options in any nearby cities, he put in an application to the last available option located in the city of Gilroy. However, he waited a year for the property manager to make a decision. Kenny anxiously waited. He finally received an answer from the property manager approving his idea of a tattoo shop and Kenny signed the contract that same week. After that entire year of waiting, Kenny still had no name for his shop and struggled to find one. He wanted the name to be a culmination of his entire journey and also the vision he had for his business. A name that would give people hope for whatever they are faced with.

While out of ideas for a shop name, Kenny glanced down at a wristband he was wearing. It had "Jeremiah 29:11" written on it. A Bible verse that talks about hope and prosperity after trials and tribulations. Kenny noticed the familiarity in the numbers and when he reversed them to 11:29, he was shocked. His birthday is November 29, and he also turned 29 in 2019, the same month and year he signed the lease for his business. Instantly, Kenny had found the perfect name for his shop: 29:11 Tattoo. 

Kenny's vision of how he wanted to run his business has come to fruition and landed him to win 2021 & 2022 "Best Tattoo Shop in Gilroy." 29:11 Tattoo is constantly praised for its professionalism with customers, the overwhelmingly positive experiences they have, and the outstanding tattoos that are produced there. Kenny plans to continue sharing his talents with Gilroy and keep 29:11 Tattoo there to spread hope throughout the city.

29:11 Tattoo made history by being the very first tattoo shop to be named after a Bible verse. Although Kenny's journey was challenging and uncertain, the success that came from it was definitely worth the wait.

- What makes us unique -

The secret to all of our success comes from one thing that businesses cannot be taught: genuinely caring for the well-being of clients.

Since our doors have been open, we have made it our top priority to put our clients' needs first. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied, and we are constantly praised for our customer service.

One of the many ways we demonstrate this is by sharing our tattoo knowledge with our clients and guiding them towards making smarter and more affordable investments with their tattoos. We stay in constant communication with our clients before their appointment(s) as well as afterwards to help take away any anxieties they may have built up. During a tattoo session, clients will also be able to enjoy the luxury of a private studio all to themselves without any distractions around them. These are just some of the services we offer to our clients as our way of demonstrating our care towards them.

We've learned that a lot of customers struggle to finding the right tattoo parlor for them. They're searching for a business that they can trust, receive quality work from, not feel taken advantage of, and more importantly, feel welcomed at. We've structured our business and created an environment to where they can receive all of those things from us without having to ask for it.

Here, at 29:11 Tattoo, we sincerely enjoy building relationships with all of our clients. We enjoy getting to know them and providing them with a service where they feel valued.

Because we don't see our clients as dollar signs.

We see them as family.



“This shop is rated Gilroy’s best tattoo shop for a reason! If you’re looking for a shop that pays attention to detail and where you’ll feel welcomed and comfortable, then this is your spot. This is a breath of fresh air to Gilroy and I wish this shop and the owner much success in the years to come. Thank you so much Kenny!”